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Seminars are to teach principles rather than techniques. Therefore, enthusiasts of different arts and styles can participate and develop their own skills. Previous experience in martial arts is not required as the seminars provide information for everyone. Whether you are interested in self-defense, body control, or developing your own skills, you are welcome to our seminars. An annual summer event in Finland - The Camp brings together enthusiasts from all over Europe.

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Private training

Private or small group exercises focus on the things that are right for you. The exercises are held at the KAJ dojo. Private Lessons are available to anyone over the age of 18. At the first time, your level of knowledge and skills will be mapped out and a personal study plan will be designed. In the end of training session I give you so-called a homework assignment that allows for the continuous development of your skills. Even if you had private trainings a little less often.

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The most suitable topic for you will be planned for the webinar, also taking into account whether you have a training pair available or not. The webinar lesson will be saved and will be available to you unedited as a digital memo. Due to the corona situation, contact teaching has been banned, so webinars are a very good way to maintain and develop your own practice, with the support of a teacher. The webinar can be held at any time.

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Kyusho Aiki Jutsu

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The Camp
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History is as important as our future

Get to know about history of the art

Back in 1990's I met George A. Dillman for the first time at his seminar in Finland. That started long-lasting, study and research work. During this journey I have met several masters, and all of them have openly shared their principles and ideas.

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New promotions

July 8., 2023 at The 25th Camp
Petri Hakkarainen, 2.dan
Niko Halminen, 1.dan
Veli-Matti Partanen, 1.dan
Tomi Kosonen, 1.kyu
Petri Laasio, 2.kyu
Juha Kauriala, 5.kyu
Congratulations for all new ranks!
Updated: 12.07.2023