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testimonials from our seminar attenders, students and instructors

"After decades of studying Shotokan Karate, I found all the answers to my questions in Kyusho Aiki Jutsu. It is an honor and a real privilege for me to be able to study this special martial art under an even more special grandmaster like GM Toni Kauhanen. This kind of real Kyusho for me is more than just an exciting, fantastic and unbelievable journey ... I am incredibly proud to be a part and student of it ... I Will follow GM Toni forever and be his student ..."


GM Jörg Uretschläger
7th Dan Shotokan Karate, Germany

“I have been training Traditional Tae Kwon-Do for over thirty years. I have been teaching it for over 25 years and I love it. The first things iI learned from Kyusho Aiki Jutsu were things like, Two-Way Action, loosenes and softness. That certainly changed my perspective completely. But probably the most lasting was when Toni said to me in Finland, in Kyusho Aiki Jutsu you don't really have to learn and train a thousand techniques, you just have to understand the principle once, then the techniques explain themselves.


Stefan Euer
4th Dan Traditional Tae Kwon-Do, Germany

“For me is Kyusho Aiki Jutsu the door to true Budo. We don't have wild theories or complicated techniques. In Kyusho Aiki Jutsu we learn how our body works and how is the best and most humane way to survive in a self-defense situation.”


Iwan Zellweger

“I could write that Kyusho Aiki Jutsu is The Way of Life or The Path for me, and that would not be a lie. However, for me Kyusho Aiki Jutsu has always been also the most realistic training method for self-defense situations. Every technique I would do in real situation, I do it the same way in training sessions. There are no imaginary kicking to the groins or hitting many times to the face. The Attacker will be incapacitated using his own force or using natural human body reactions. That is the main reason, why I have been studying Kyusho Aiki Jutsu for about 20 years after trying many different styles.

After all these years the only “negative” thing I have found in Kyusho Aiki Jutsu (as I have written before) is still that every step I take forward feels like two steps backwards. Every level I have achieved have shown me how much there is still to learn. That is why Kyusho Aiki Jutsu is The Way of Life for me.”


Janne Tähtinen

“After 15 years of training several different martial arts and styles, at the start of the 21st century I found Toni Kauhanen and Kyusho aiki jutsu. In that moment I for the first time ever knew that I had found a greater dimension as a martial artist in the usage of techniques compared to my previous experiences with martial arts. Kyusho aiki jutsu has made me deepen my knowledge in self discovery and in the mechanisms of the human body; through these appliances it has granted me a better understanding of fighting and healing manipulation methods. Kyusho aiki jutsu has the beauty of you being able to train strikes in the same way that you would use them in a real life situation. Also Kyusho aiki jutsu has proved to me that the often uttered saying "A martial artist is a student for ever, because there is so much to learn...". In fact this is what has kept my interest in the martial art strong and I could say that Kyusho aiki jutsu is more than just a way of fighting for me, it's a lifestyle.”


Kai Arola

“Kyusho has taught me lot of about human body and about myself. Im still amazed how after years of the training, there still is lots of new things to learn. I feel that everyone is free to learn on their own speed and Toni is really good to recognize where each students needs to focus next. Also I like how each invidually get training how they should perform techniques, by taking into account their strengths, weaknesses and what is natural for them.”


Jarmo Viinikanoja

"Kyusho Aiki Jutsu is an ancient martial knowledge, adapted to the XXI century and shared among friends. We believe that the study of kyusho has been a great step to complement our martial art better. On the other hand, the variety of nuances that are introduced in each seminar make the following trainings more challenging to improve our skills. What we most like is that all we learn can be included in any martial art."


Study Group
Basque Country

"Training Kyusho Aiki Jutsu for me has been an amazing, three-dimensional journey, where I’ve not only learned some of the quickest and most efficient self defense techniques ever crafted, but also taken a deep dive into myself. I’ve found that the style has layers upon layers of learning, and the way you constantly develop your body to function with the least amount of friction, it’s truly an art for and of life. "


Simon Kirk

"For me a technique is not a movement you copy from your teacher. I need to know the how and why behind. That was so on my Karate and that's why I love KAJ. It's not rigit about movements. It is about understanding why the body reacts the way it does - and so in which way you need to move to give the impact it need to act as you want. So, like I practise my Karate for my mind instead of tournaments, KyuSho Aiki is the way to understand the fascinating behavior of human bodies - and additionally: it's fun every time!"


Marcus Eldau
Dorsten, Germany

“I have trained with Toni for several years and I am proud to tell that method of KAJ opened my eyes for deeper understanding of budo. I realized that we need to see and think differently. Changing the idea of how to apply techniques made them more effective and easier as there is no need to use power as before. It takes time and sweat to be able to use those principles but development is still quite fast when you know what to train. But you still have to think, analyze, try and make mistakes a lot. But it has been worth it. This path is neverending and rewarding. Great teacher and great trainers! This is for those who want to find the real essence of budo, breaking barriers between different arts.”


Kimmo Koivukangas

“First time I saw (and felt) Kyusho Aiki Jutsu was in 2016 during a Seminar starring the KAJ Switzerland Team. The incredible efficiency of the techniques was astonishing. A few weeks later they invited the founder of this great art to Chur and I knew I can't miss that opportunity. It was incredible! Toni Kauhanen has a fantastic way of teaching his art by his kind and friendy nature but still has the seriousness of the danger that could occure by using the weakness of the opponents body. On that day there was a new chapter created in my life. A journey of learning this art, learning my own body and of course meet and learn with others. The most memorizable moments happened in Finland during the summer camps. It was like a big family joining together from many different countries but all for the same reason: to explore together the way of Kyusho Aiki Jutsu.”


Ramon Rankwiler

“Kyusho Aiki Jutsu has given me a lot. It has given me confidence and also mental and physical welfare. During this journey i have got many great friends. Journey continues with this great art. Every single day you learn something new about yourself and life.”


Kimmo Pulliainen

“Kyusho Aiki Jutsu has added into my arsenal practical, humane and small movements which are done with very little force. When we are thinking for self-defense situations. For an example is manipulation of small joints. Accuracy, movement, breathing and timing. These works together. Naturally going with the flow.”


L. Raidho

"Toni's skill and knowledge always impress me. His Kyusho Aiki Jutsu system is perfect for working with and discovering unfamiliar reactions in the body. It's very easy to maintain a beginners mind. After a couple of years training I still feel like only scratching the surface. But even at the surface it's still very rewarding and a lot of fun."


Rico Andersen

“I got involved with this art 18 years ago. Martial arts have always fascinated me because of the history of warfare and especially the use of the sword. I have liked this art because you learn constantly new things by doing together and you can defend yourself by choosing how much damage you cause to your opponent. There is a lot of wisdom behind the sayings of the old masters - a lot of them have been rediscovered into this art. This art has so much to offer, it’s great to be involved. Thank you Toni!”


Petri Hakkarainen