Kyusho Aiki Jutsu - The Art

History, method, terms, framework and self-defense

History of KAJ

Back in 1990's I met George A. Dillman for the first time at his seminar in Finland. That started long-lasting, study and research work. During this journey I have met several masters, and all of them have openly shared their principles and ideas.

I would like to mention some of the most important masters like prof. Wally Jay (1917-2011) who is founder of Small Circle Jujitsu™ , Prof. Remy Presas (-2003) founder of Modern Arnis, Sir Jack Hogan, Jim Corn and many others. During the co-operation with Raine Luukkonen, the groundwork for KAJ in Finland was established. We continue development with Kai Arola, Janne Tähtinen, Juha Koivistoinen, Jarmo Viinikanoja and Santeri Aura. True Budo must be alive, evolving constantly towards better skills and understanding.

The Art is for protecting human lives, and self-defense skill has to be as humane as possible and this is possible with natural movements and automated use of body.


The Art of Kyusho Aiki Jutsu consists several different parts.
The Grappling Hand Art (Tuité-Jitsu)
The Striking Hand Art (Kyusho-Jitsu)
The Body Power Art (Aiki)
The Art of Healing (Kuatsu)
Weapons (escrima & knife)

In training we practise a lot with one or more training partners. There are 25 pre-arranged paired exercises (CDT, combat defence techniques), with certain applications from forms (kata). There is also many different kind of sensitivity, breathing and relaxation exercises.

Student learns thru these exercises many benefical aspects and to work automatically, yet controlled way. To be able to defeat or disarm attacker in humane way.

With this skill, you can choose your response level to meet the severity of the attack. Without causing permanent damage one can learn to strike certain area(s) to cause temporary pain, paralyze a limb, cause technical or total knockout.

One has to be able to combine both physical and mental parts to work simultaneously and freely together. Kyusho Aiki Jutsu is based on natural movement and the understanding of human anatomy - principles, instead of complicated theories.

You may see the physical level with your eyes, the external movements, but it is just minor part of what is actually happening. Training in our method will offer challenges for the rest of your life.

This art will change your understanding about martial arts.


Tuite is practically unparalleled. It is not Aikido, nor should it be confused with Jujutsu or Judo. Unlike the styles mentioned above, when the Tuite technique is used it cannot be resisted. It’s very likely hard to believe that something like this exists, but Tuite is really different from other grapling methods.

Tuite is an advanced form of grappling that are hidden within the movements and principles of kata. "The literal meaning of Tuite in Okinawan pronunciation is to grab the opponents hands before executing protection techniques. - Ryu Te no Michi: The Way of RyuKyu Hands. When student understand the principles of Tuite, there are limitless ways to apply it.

Due to the Tuite, the matches barely lasted a few seconds longer, leaving behind torn muscles, connective tissues and tendons. After being injured, the opponent is no longer able to fight and is thus easy to kill.


Word Kyusho is usually tranlated to mean "one second fighting", but in Kyusho Aiki Jutsu it will also describe the hard side of the art. Basic techniques of kempo (strikes, punches and kicks). We train constantly with the one or more training partners and kata (forms). In this way the trainer will learn to know the weaknesses and strenghts of the human body, and how to use pressure points correct way.


The soft part of the art, teaches how to control and guide our opponent(s). Aiki will teach also much wider perspective of the functions and mechanics of the human body.


Jutsu - the way of using mind and body as a one, all hard and soft techniques are combined together.


Optimum target of the training is to find one's natural alignment and posture of the body. After this one can learn how important it is to relax. Within relaxation the movements works much better and combines mind with the body. In this level one's body starts to react spontaneously, naturally and quickly.


Breath is our most important resource of power, it is required in order to control our body and mind. Correct way of breathing is the key for our health.


You will gain more benefits to your everyday life when all the most important parts are united together (body, breath and mind). When these parts works together all the time - our tolerance against stress becomes greater, inhaling and exhaling is easier, body works freely and the mind works more efficiently.


A person who´s body, mind and breathing are balanced are able to find solutions in the middle of conflict, even avoid them. Self-image becomes more secure and body works automatically, almost without thought. Is this the most effective way of self-defense - to avoid the conflicts before they even happen?


Any item can work as tool in self-defense situation - just look around you, check your pockets! There you can find pens, keys, coins... Just about anything that may be used to survive from many serious threats.

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From time to time, there pops out places that are using my name of the art, the Kyusho Aiki Jutsu. If the school is associated with me and there is qualified and certified instructor to teach my art of KAJ - you will find the persons name at my website on page "instructors". If you are interested in to become our affiliated member and/or becoming a certified instructor - please contact us.


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